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General Health Articles

Poisons and Toxins: Protecting Your Birds From Danger - Gary Gallerstein DVM.
Common Poisonous Substances
Common Household Poisons
Plants Harmful to Birds
Let's Talk About Nutrition....Again - Liz Wilson
African Grey Fledging: Encouraging Flight - Rita Shimniok
The Fundamental Aspect of Care: Bathing the Psittacine - Donna Hefton
Flight Feather Trimming: Physiology, Psychology and Philosophy - Layne David Dicker
Cockatoo Bathing and Species-Specific Behavior - Donna Hefton
Biosafety in the Aviary - Ross Bishop
New Cage and Aviary Disinfectant- Ross Bishop
Veterinarian's Corner
Baby Bird Science and Medicine - Brian L. Speer, DVM
The Closed Aviary Concept - Brian L. Speer, DVM
The Eclectus Parrot: Medicine and Aviculture - Brian L. Speer, DVM
The Pathogen vs. The Pathogenesis:
A Different View of Avicultural Medicine - Brian L. Speer, DVM
Ratite Neuromuscular Diseases - Brian L. Speer, DVM
Proventricular Dilatation Disease: A Viral Epornitic - Psittacine Disease Research Group
Prevention of Avian Polyomavirus Infections Through Vaccination - Psittacine Disease Research Group

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