Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.


Bird Care is Relatively Easy, Inexpensive and Convenient

Because of a bird's size and basic requirements, the average person will not be overburdened with even the ultimate in bird care.

Changing cage papers, supplying fresh water, and feeding are the chores of bird care and can be performed quickly. Hand feeding, taming and training involve more time, but usually fit in well with personal daily routines.

How expensive can feeding a pet bird be? A canary eats one teaspoon of food daily, and a large parrot eats up to two ounces of food. So the cost of food is minimal.

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When traveling, your bird goes with you easily in the car or in a plane. The large cage won't be needed,-only a small carrier. Or if it's just a week-end trip-plan to leave the bird home with extra food and water, and someone to ''look in''.

If it happens that you don't get the cage paper changed for a day or two, it is acceptable. Bird droppings are odorless, so your guests will not be offended. Normally, birds are odorless-, but if they do smell, check with your veterinarian, or maybe they simply need a cleansing bath.

Further, birds offer the advantage of never having to be taken out of the home for exercise. However, on a nice day they will enjoy the "out of doors" freshness just as you do. Of course, they either have to be in a cage or "grounded" by having their flight feathers cut.


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