Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.

Birds Become Our Friends

Birds are eager to be our friends, but resist friendship until they can trust us. This is quite different from puppies who immediately seek our attention and affection. Figuratively speaking, the shoe is on the other foot when it comes to birds. We must prove our consistent friendliness, caring attitude, and overall goodness before birds accept and trust us.

When we have built TRUST and have become a friend, birds want:

to be near us

to be a companion that shares activities

to sit on our hand, arm or shoulder

to eat out of our hand

to perform for us by doing tricks

to talk or sing or "show off" in some manner


macaw.gif (5765 bytes)
Birds learn to trust us.

Birds have the ability to live in harmony with people, and, in fact, can learn to love their owners. They want our attention and companionship. In homes they would like to become part of the family.

The love and trust displayed by pet birds may be their greatest contribution to people. Birds adapt well to people of all ages and to most circumstances placed upon them by their owners. This versatility allows birds to be with children or adults equally well and to live in close or spacious conditions. What other animal could live happily for years with shut-ins, in nursing and retirement homes or even in prison cells?


Your bird wants to be your FRIEND.
Help him to become a loving pet.

Yes, these little animals have much to offer those who understand and love them.

People like these qualities of pet birds:



bright and spirited manners

happy attitude

curious and playful nature

vocalization (talking and singing)



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