Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.


One of the Hardiest of the World's Creatures

You may never have considered that birds are world class super athletes. Daily they perform aerial feat s impossible for other vertebrates. Soaring, diving, takeoffs and landings look easy and yet show power and strength. Flying high over mountains, crossing lakes, oceans and deserts, migrating for hundreds or thousands of miles, illustrates birds' stamina and hardiness, and probably makes them the Greatest Wonder of the World. hardiest.gif (6951 bytes)
The World's Foremost Super Athlete

Their hardiness goes even further. Birds regularly survive hardship and sickness often better than other animals that have a reputation for being tough.

Longevity speaks for itself, The life expectancy of most small birds is roughly ten years; medium size birds live fifteen to twenty-five years, and larger members of the parrot family survive for twenty-five to sixty years.

When fed balanced diets, taken to veterinarians for check-ups and given reasonable care, birds live long, productive lives. Veterinarians will tell you that birds are good patients, and like cats-have nine lives.


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