Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.


One of the Least Understood Pets

Although one encounters birds daily, an aura of puzzle and mystery surrounds them. No other wild animal exposes himself as much, whether in the city or country, by the coast or inland, in North or South; and yet most people only know them by their colorful feathers, free spirits and bright song. Birds allow people to know them only superficially and hide their true identities. They make nests in limbs of trees above our yards, in mail boxes and garages. So close to us and yet so far.

We think of birds as fragile creatures and don't often consider they survive the long, cold winter or return in the spring after a 2,000 mile migration.

How many people know that a bird can be a friend?
How many people know that birds are an animal of many emotions?
How many people know that if birds get sick they can be treated as effectively as dogs and cats?

The simple truth is that while many people are educated about wild birds, not many people know much about pet birds.

I hope after reading this book you will regard birds as loving and exciting pets.

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