Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.




The convenience of leaving birds at home on weekends or for vacations works favorably for owners and their birds. Being left alone is well accepted-as long as fresh food, water, and daily observation by an interested party are available.

When no one can come to your home to care for your bird, then board your bird at a local pet store or veterinary hospital. Having experienced people care for your bird is the wisest choice.

If you want your bird to travel with you, then you'll need to acclimate your bird to change. Take him with you on a car ride, to visit a neighbor, or even to work about once a week. Have other people hand feed, talk to, and touch him. Each experience should be pleasant and bring some type of reward. Your bird will begin to enjoy the excitement of travel.

Some precautions should be taken -keep flight feathers trimmed so that flight is impossible. Don't have your bird loose in your car with the window open. Birds become overheated when left in direct sunlight or on a hot day when denied ventilation--as in a closed car.

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