Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.

Equipment-Bird Bath


Equipment-Bird Bath

Every bird deserves and needs to bathe. (See Feather Care). The type of apparatus that you will need will vary almost with the individual bird.

Saucer with Water
Any type of low saucer or pan is adequate. The problems faced with this type of bathing is that the bird, through his splashing and shaking, will throw droplets of water into the surrounding area and pretty well wet it down. Containers can be purchased to hang on the door of the cage, which are shielded so that the moisture is kept within the birdbath. For birds that are allowed out of their cages, it is more convenient to let the bird bathe inside the confines of the kitchen sink.

One of the prerequisites for bird bathing is that it should be simple and not too much of a nuisance or problem for the bird owner. If it is easy to bathe the bird, chances are that it will get done, Otherwise, there is procrastination of this necessary function.

Carrots Tops or other Greens in which a Bird would Dampen his Feathers
In their native Australia, parakeets will walk through the grass which is wet from dew. Greens may be moistened and placed on the floor of the cage. If this is convenient for the owner, it will serve as a twin function of giving the bird his bath and supplying him with his greens for his daily dietary needs.

The small sprinkler, like the type used for watering houseplants, can be used to shower the bird. Some of the larger birds will enjoy getting into the regular shower bath for people, and some have accepted being sprayed by the attachment on the kitchen sink. One young man who has several parakeets moistens a washcloth and wrings it out over his birds. He claims that it is about as simple and easy a method to shower a bird

Although probably not as natural as other types of bathing, a mist produced from a regular plant mister of the home garden variety, works well on a bird. The mist is allowed to settle down over the bird, as most birds don't like to be squirted.

For those people who have an aviary or a cage large enough to support a small fountain, it is a luxury for a bird. The bird is able to splash around in the water, yet be rained on at the same time.

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