Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.

What's Best For Pet Birds?



What's Best For Pet Birds?

After 2,000 years, we are still discovering better ways to provide for birds. Current information that many of our birds suffer psychological problems caused by improper housing has precipitated the need for new and innovative designs in bird cages.

How does a bird owner know if he purchased the best cage for his bird? Is the cage large enough? Does the cage provide all the essentials for a happy life in captivity? What is the purpose of a cage? How can a cage damage a bird mentality?

Not until the current era of birds becoming personal pets did anyone begin to be concerned with the full effect of caging. That's not surprising because birds have never complained about their housing. And that may mean the problem is partially their fault. They seem to accept whatever conditions are imposed on them. They always look content. So how are bird owners to know that cages are causing adverse effects?

Owners accept total guardianship for their pet.

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