Let's Celebrate Pet Birds!
T.J. Lafeber D.V.M.

Care to Prevent Beak Problems


Care to Prevent Beak Problems

In the explanations of the normal beak, emphasis was placed on its structure and rate of growth. If these facts are understood, along with an appreciation for the importance of the beak, the following recommendations should be logical. Of course, for birds to have a healthy beak requires a healthy body and a completely balanced diet. These are basic to any other consideration.

In order to stimulate and encourage birds to use their beaks an owner may provide the following:

  • perches of soft wood for parrots - white pine for cockatiels and parakeets - balsa wood
  • branches from shrubs and trees, pine cones, sugar cane
  • chew bars, cakes and other foods
  • cuttle bones, mineral blocks, oyster shells, egg shells,
  • climbing toys - chains, ropes, ladder, nets.
  • nuts to crack and hull
  • hard biscuits
  • bones
  • chew toys
  • lava rocks


Observing and caring for your parrot's beak is an important factor in your total bird care. After all it's "more than just a beak".

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