Biographical Account of Bonnie Dalzell, MA

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Biographical Sketch of Bonnie Dalzell, MA


[Bonnie Dalzell and Borzoi] Born 3-13-1944

I was an undergraduate at the University of California at Berkeley from 1962 through 1966, it was a thought provoking decade.

My career goal was to stay in graduate school all my adult life but in 1994 someone caught on...

The picture to the right shows me (on right) with Darkness (on left).

  • BA in Paleontology 1966
Graduate schools, Masters programs:
UC Davis, CA
UC Berkeley, Paleontology: MA
Graduate schools PhD programs:
UC Berkeley, Zoology
Columbia University - special course work
Fellowship, mammalogy
University of Pennsylvania, Anatomy
I have been a teaching assistant, lecturer and instructor in a variety of anatomy, embryology and biology courses at:
University of California, Berkeley
Montgomery College, Maryland Community College.
Howard University (School of Medicine)
University of Pennsylvania (School of Veterinary Medicine).

Some rather odd jobs I have held:
MIT, research assistant, LOGO group, Artificial Intelligence Lab.
Museum exhibit work including Smithsonian Institution Natural History and Air and Space Museum. I designed 27 extraterrestrial creatures for the Air & Space Museum for an exhibit called "Pick a Planet".

I am also a published free lance photographer, writer and illustrator (natural history and science fiction) and have had work in Life, Smithsonian Magazine, Science, The American Kennel Gazette, Amiga World and Desk Top Video World, Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction as well as in a number of small circulation magazines.


Major Hobbies and Involvement with Animals:

Raising Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) and participating in competitive field events with these dogs.
Currently I hold the record for the most field titled lure coursing dogs produced by any one breeder. I have had since 1968. I have also had Labradors, mixed breeds, NGA Greyhounds, German Shepherds, a racing sled dog, a Blood Hound, fish, hamsters, rabbits, cats, snakes, spiders, salamanders, horses, moles, rats, mice, a raccoon and before I met my husband, boyfriends.
In addition to rearing dogs I teach dog obedience and I have taught horse back riding.
My Borzoi kennel name is Silkenswift
I have two Commador Amiga Computers and a 130 megahertz 'HAL' 486 which, with the help of Dr Steven Sklarow of D & S, Computers in Bowie, Maryland.
One of the Amigas is set up as a motion analysis work station, the other is an accelerated Amiga 4000 with a lot of add ons. It has the Emplant board and it can actually think it is an Amiga, a Mac and an Intel 486 all at the same time.
The HAL 486DX is primarily used to run CompuPed(r) an excellent pedigree & genetic database program by Larry Ritter of RCI Software. Otherwise I have a hate-hate relationship with the intel platform.
Its secondary uses are:
To to be a computer I can take apart and put different things in so that I can get some use out of the book: 'Upgrading and Repairing PC's for Dummies' [seriously there really is such a book].
Remind me how nice the Amiga is.
Science Fiction
I used to attend science fiction conventions and regularly exhibit at the art shows. Competing with the Borzois in lure coursing has interfered with that.
I still read science fiction, mainly hard science such as James Hogan and humerous works such as Terry Prachett. I still subscribe to a number of magazines. I have a couple of short stories in outline form.
I enjoy fractals and have incorporated them into many pieces of artwork. The background for many of my pages at my home page has a fractal source.

"If Only"

The potential for computer aided information retrieval - the promise of the Library of Congress on every one's desktop - is still in its infancy yet my stint at MIT showed me the possibilities of this in the early 1970's. It ruined me as a traditional scholar and this, along with my tendency to be 'interested in too many things at once', hampered my academic career. I wish I had come into academia after this electronic information retrieval promise was realized, not when it is only a promise for the future.



  • I get a full time job in the exhibition department of a natural history museum implementing computer interactive exhibitions.

pretty tame fantasy, I suppose :-)

if you have such a job to offer contact me, Email


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