What do we lose in the name of conformity?
The Truffle Dog

Meet Gus. Gus is a poodle, but because of the restrictive nature of the present-day standards, he is a misfit. First, he is a particolor, which was once quite acceptable, but is no longer. Many of the early prints depicting Poodles show them as particolor. These dogs were medium-sized and generally black and white. They were originally used to hunt truffles, aided by a Dachshund-type dog. The Poodles found the truffles and the Dachshund dug them up. These dogs were originally found in France and were imported into England in the nineteenth century. Even without the color bar, Gus would have little success at a conformation show. At 15", he is technically a Miniature Poodle, but he is much more stocky than the average Mini of today. He is probably closer to his ancestors.

Gus lives with Elizabeth in Michigan. At 11, Elizabeth says he is "outrageously healthy", learns faster than any of the dogs he trains with, is calm, alert, eager to please, responsive, a bit reserved with strangers, but good with kids and cats. What more could you want?

Source: Parti-Colour Poodles by Ann Coppage (Vulcan), Our Poodle (1977), pp. 19-25.

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This article was originally published on The Canine Diversity Project website.
Published here by permission.

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