Purchasing Your New Puppy
Training Tip #1

Darr Houssen


Purchasing Your New Puppy:

Before purchasing a puppy for yourself or someone else, it's always the best plan to research the breed you are interested in first. Make sure the breed matches your lifestyle and the time availability for the special activities that may be required for that particular breed. Ask yourself. Does the ADULT size of the breed fit into my home comfortably? Do I have the budget to feed the breed of choice? Do I have the necessary spare time for playtime and exercise that the breed requires, and is this an easy maintenance breed for grooming or would a grooming salon be required?

By carefully and honestly analyzing your answers, you can determine whether or not the breed is for you. When considering a mixed breed, research the combination of breeds within the puppy to help you decide.

A bit of research before your purchase could save you a very big disappointment or heart-ache in the future when you realize that the beautiful little puppy is not what you expected it to be as an adult. Plan carefully.

Our thanks to Darr Houssen for providing "The Pet Tip of the Week"
Check out the free puppy training manual on their internet site.


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