Obedience Commands
Training Tip #12

Darr Houssen


Obedience Commands:

Puppies need to understand a few basic commands in order to live harmoniously with human beings. Each command has a practical purpose in the daily events in a household. Without this common knowledge, your puppy quickly turns to a life of self interest and individuality, without the "need" of human direction and companionship. "RECALL" : This is literally the lifesaving exercise. The puppy learns to come when he's called, no matter what is going on around him. "HEEL" : This is walking the puppy, calmly on a leash beside you, without pulling or struggling. A must for all companion dogs. "SIT" : A position of control and calmness. When your puppy is sitting he is not thrashing about or jumping all over you, causing frustration and confusion. "DOWN" : Another position of control. When your puppy is in a lying down position, he is calm and relaxed. This is used when you need the puppy to settle and have quiet time. "STAND" : This position simplifies vet visits, grooming sessions, bathing. It teaches the puppy to stand still while being examined. "LET'S GO" : An energy burn off exercise that teaches your puppy to move along with you but still enables him to explore in puppy fashion. This also gives you a chance to practice longdistance recalls. Every dog or puppy needs these foundation commands. Each one is important and practical for a happy household.

Next week we start discussing each exercise in detail.

Our thanks to Darr Houssen for providing "The Pet Tip of the Week"
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