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Sally Jo's 55 Gallon SPS Coral Reef
Changes In My SPS Reef Aquarium As It Matures

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My tank has been setup to test several principles of raising and propagating corals. I choose to grow as many corals in my closed system as I can. I also want to add only animals that I can successfully propagate. Although there are a few exceptions in my tank. I have added a couple of animals in order to save them from death in certain systems because they where being neglected or were not doing well in a less cared for environment. Out of the 163 different species of animals I have in my system only about 8 of them where ever in the ocean.

Reef Aquarium
This picture shows some of the colored broodstock that grows in this reef

As I have fallen in love with this reef growing experience I have realized that the success rests in paying attention to your animals and the willingness to grow with your corals. Just as we grow we don't fit in the same shoes, or the same clothes, nor do we eat the same, you have to do the same with this growing biomass in your closed system.

You know there are several methods available to the hobbyists, and there are even more debates out there on how to do things, but in my humble opinion instead of arguing so much we should be trying new ways, and continue to research, and share our successes as well as our mistakes then and only then can we make this a self-sustaining hobby that will grow on everyone.

I had one of my staff members walk into my office a couple weeks ago and he looked at me and said " you know I just read an article in (I won't tell you which magazine) a magazine and everything your doing is everything this author suggested not doing" I looked at my staff member and smiled. It would be a shame not to know that anyone could have this tank and it's beauty on their very first try. My staff member shook his head and said that you really can't argue with your results.

The other thing that I would like to add to this is that the author of that article has been to our Foundation, has specimens from my reef and took several pictures, scratching his head saying "I have never seen polyp extension like that". Daily I thank all the knowledgeable people who came to this hobby before me. I openly thank the people who are spending so much time with these corals today, so that we can be sure that the next generations can share in their beauty. Perhaps some of us can help in the field of medical research where a possible cure for aids, cancer and some of the most life threatening diseases may be found.

Reef Aquarium
This is the left end of the 55 gallon reef in may 1997

Just as a side note I would like to say to all of you who have compassion for this hobby please be careful where you purchase your animals. There are some unhealthy corals being shipped and if you do not quarantine your corals before you put them in your system you could possibly wipe out all of what you have worked for. Make sure that you know how to treat any diseases that are out there in the hobby. If anyone has any comments or questions about my reef I will be more than happy to respond. LeRoy gets all the e-mail so it would be nice to hear from some of you. I was so pleased to have the kindest response to my last article from a young man who is teaching students in a home school setting and has choose to follow the progress of my reef with these young students. I am thinking about having a contest in regards to naming all the different species of corals in my tank and of course everyone will be a winner!

This 55 gallon tank now has
  • 3 - Maxi-Jet 1000 power heads
  • 4 - VHO 4' lights , 2 - actinic 03 and 2 - AquaSun 50 50
  • 2- 40 watt lights , 1- Blue Moon and 1- Triton
  • 1- Air powered skimmer in sump
  • 1- older 801 powerhead in sump
  • Sally Jo Headlee Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation, Inc
    1321 Warm Springs Ave.
    Boise, Idaho 83712 USA

    The original of this article is located at
    Published here with permission of the Author.

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