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Our non profit 501(c)3 organization has grown tremendously over the past several years. We thank you for your ongoing support in making NetPets the most visited pet related website on the Internet. We are striving to make each visit that much more interesting than the last one. One of the ways we will be able to accomplish this, is by maintaining our belief in our mission, and our goals.

In order that we may achieve our goals, the primary one being able to come to the aid of all our pets, we have created The Executive Commitee. Our Board of Trustees have invited a limited number of knowledgable and qualified individuals to join this committe. Those that have been sent their invitations come from all fields of this ever growing pet industry, and a select few have been chosen from different fields. The members of this committee will have a hands on participation, as well as a real voice, in shaping the policies and direction of our charitable organization. As these individuals accept their invitations, their names and affiliations will be posted below. There will also be a descriptive statement telling about each one of them. If any of you, who were not sent an invitation, feel that you may be interested in and qualified to join the Executive Committee, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Remember, "Together, we CAN make a difference!"

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Executive Committe Members

Baugh, Anne Marie - Write-Promotion
Buscher, Jim - Lafeber Company
Cauthen, Don - Studebakers, Myrtle Beach, SC
Chapman, Carol - The Last Refuge, Hebron, CT
Cline, Hayden - Piedmont Mortgage Co. Myrtle Beach, SC
Dale, Steve - Animal Planet Radio
Day, Lenore - SAFE Society of Florida
Foster, LaDonna -
International Quarter Pony Association
Fowler, Dawn - Your Home Office
Gardner, Ellen -
Independent Contributing Editor, Herculaneum, MO
Ghiselin, Tiffany -
THG Professional Services
Handley, Curt P.A.
- Intuitlaw Services
Hayes, Roxy - Roxians Kustom Pet Products
Hoy, Diane L. - Flatwater Bloodhounds & DogDay
Neugarth, Patricia - Fauntine Kennels, Littlestown, PA
Richards, Lyn - DogLogic
Roberts, Lee - Rose Rock Design
Sabo, Lorie
- BOCES & USAR, West Seneca, NY
Voorhies, Joshua - The World OnLine Digest


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