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Welcome to NetPets®, your complete internet pet connection.
The reasons for the creation and the expansions of this site are quite simple. We wanted to offer a place where there would be assistance for the multitude of unwanted pets in this country and the world, and provide information, both informative and educational, for the global pet community. Even though we were a complete novices on both the Internet and the computer, we saw that this was the best vehicle to accomplish this mission. We took over a website that had been dormant, even though we had no idea how enormous a task we were getting ourselves into. We were computer illiterate and proud of it, and that status has not changed much. However, after looking at the website, with the insight of a spectator and not that of a computer literate, we were able to see direction, purpose and the path necessary, to create something very special and unique to the Internet.


NetPets®, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

What that means, is that All the gross donations & grants (the major portion of the gross revenues) will be channeled to:

A - Supporting our MilitaryPetsFOSTER Project.

B- Viable and important research for finding cures of inherited diseases and genetic defects in our pets.

C - Individual animal shelters, rescue leagues, therapy animals, riding for the handicapped, guide dog foundations, search and rescue and other organizations similar to these.

D- Other individual nonprofit organizations, whose goal and purpose is to aid and benefit our pets, through education and awareness.

E- The creation of educational programs that will offer owners, breeders and pet lovers a better understanding of our responsibilities and obligations to our pets.

We are dedicated to doing our best (and getting better every day) in the creation, maintenance and growth of this unique site.

Our intention and goal is to be ALL things to ALL the people who are pet and animal oriented. For those who love them, for those who like them and for those who are simply interested in them, this and all its content is dedicated to you.

Inside each of the 5 categories (Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses and Fish), you will find not only the products and services available to those specific categories, but in addition, there will be a Library, a Newsroom and a Health spa. These will contain both general reference and very specific articles, writings and books, including, but not limited to, all the latest research findings, as well as their practical applications. Directory's that will include, ALL the breed clubs and ALL the varieties of clubs related to the breed(s), as well as rescue leagues, shelters, humane societies and organizations, including legislation. Also, there will be photo galleries, letters, articles, game rooms (for kids, and the kids at heart), and probably much more. All of this is being designed to be fast loading. From the Home Page you will be able to be where you want to be, within the site, in 3 clicks! There will be no "under construction" signs! We want you to have a good, if not great, time while you are here. This IS being designed with all of you in mind. We will always welcome suggestions, criticisms, and if you are in the mind to, any and all guidance in our pursuit of excellence.

This monumental task that we have willingly accepted and devoted ourselves to, will always be in a state of constant growth. Those of you out there who, like us, believe in the need for and the concept of this site and wish to participate in its growth, PLEASE contact us. We need your assistance and we always will.

Thank you,

From all of us, in the NetPets® family.

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