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All the Charitable Donations listed above are Tax Deductable. You will receive a receipt that you will be able to file with your tax return.

Hosting is for sites under 20MB. Please contact us if your site over 20MB.


NetPets® will host sites with Virtual Domain names (i.e., as long as you are the owner of the website. Basically, if you are Administrative Contact and Registrant, then you are the owner of the site. You will also have access to your site, 24/7, to make whatever changes and upgrades that you would like. NetPets® will also host those sites that do not have their own Virtual Domain (i.e. ~yoursite).


For those who do not wish to transfer servers or do not have or want a website, Then we have a Membership Program that is unique. Please visit our "Join Us" page and follow the easy instructions.

Here's how to create your own website using NetPets WebPageWonder:

Once you have filled out the membership form with your 75 word description and submit it, we will send you your unique username and password, as well as instructions on how to get to NetPets WebPageWonder. There you will find step by step directions and examples, that will walk you through the creation of your website. Through extensive testing with grandmothers that have never been on a computer, each one was able to create their own website in minutes. Everyone of the numerous test subjects found this program to be incredibly easy to use. Click on the Join Us banner at the top of the page to begin the process.

***Hosting and Listing for Clubs and Organizations and other NPO's, are Free. For this public service we ask that you help in promoting NetPets¨, and the work that we are doing. We would sincerely appreciate your reciprocal support in helping us to acheive our goals. Together, we Can make a difference!

For Website Hosting there will be a one time set-up charge of $40.00. For Non Pet Related Website Hosting the one time set-up charge is $80.00.

To have your website hosted by NetPets, please click here and leave your name, URL, and a brief message.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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NOTE: Restrictions, exclusions, and no-no's

1) No site will be hosted or listed that has links to any adult site.

2) This is just a suggestion. We do recommend that your site does not contain excessive scrolling. We also recommend that scrolling be limited to 4 or 5 screens, so your site will be able to load quicker, and will be easier to view.

If any site hosted or listed incorporates within its pages, any of the above, any offensive material, or any content unsuitable for children, that site will be removed from NetPets® immediately.

This is a family oriented site to be enjoyed, and used by ALL the members of our families, both individually and as a unit. This, even beyond the importance of the valuable content, is to be held in high regard. It is up to all of you, and all of us to maintain the ideals and the basic integrity of NetPets®. Thank you for all, your cooperation, and your consideration in this matter.

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